2022 marked 20 years of CIFF’s grant-making. Over the course of this time our mission, to improve the lives of children, has not changed - but we have broadened our understanding of how to do this. Read about our highlights from 2022, and how we’re working towards a healthy, fair and safe world for children.

A message from our Chair and our CEO

Sir Christopher Hohn

With global challenges increasing, the time to step up is now. We have a moral duty to use the position and resources we have, in the service of others. Doing so will create a much fairer and more joyous world.

Sir Christopher Hohn
Founder and Chairman
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Kate Hampton
Photo credit: WeProtect

As the context we work in becomes more challenging, the value of civil society only becomes more evident - bringing our expertise and resources to bear on some of the world’s most intractable problems, breaking down silos and working systemically to enact change.

Kate Hampton
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2022 by the numbers

Grant Disbursements
CIFF disbursed grants of $530 million in 2022. Click here to see what programmes this went towards...




Charitable Investment approved

In 2022 CIFF approved $400 million of new charitable investments which will be disbursed over the coming years.





As of 2022 CIFF's endowment stood at $5.1 billion, giving CIFF the financial strength and stability to make substantial long-term commitments to the work of our grantees.

Priority Regions in 2022

East & Southeast Asia
Woman holding two kids
Photo credit: UNICEF/Frank Dejongh

Download CIFF's 2022 Annual Report here

$112 million
Gender Empowerment and Informed Choice
inc. SRHR and Girl Capital
$108 million
Safe and healthy childhoods
inc. Child Health and Child Protection
$222 million
Climate Action
$88 million
Cross cutting