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Our work in East and Southeast Asia is built upon a decade of close collaboration with international and local partners in tackling climate and environmental challenges of the region.

Hongpeng Lei
Global Director, Climate
grants disbursed in 2022
$54 million

An example of our 2022 climate impact

Accelerating Wind and Solar Energy in China

In 2022 wind and solar continued to drive China's energy decarbonisation, with CIFF partners like Energy Research Institute (ERI) providing technical assistance and policy recommendations for accelerating the country’s energy transition.

China continued to be a global leader in wind and solar power, with capacity installation of over 125GW. Wind and solar are also becoming more competitive in the postsubsidy era, and for the first time, they contribute to more than half of China's incremental power generation.

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An example of our 2022 climate impact

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Enshrining energy transition targets in South Korea

In South Korea our partners continued to help enshrine energy transition targets and policies with the government, while mobilising corporate voices in support for change. As of December 2022, 28 major Korean corporations, including Samsung Electronics and Hyundai Motor Group Affiliates, have joined RE100 with ambitious commitments to achieve carbon neutrality in their Southeast regional supply chains.

These progressive conglomerates, in alliance with local partners such as Solutions For Our Climate (SFOC) are recommending higher renewable targets, streamlining renewable project siting and permitting rules, and ensuring fair compensation and grid access to renewables.

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