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2022, was a moment for reflection for our team in India. We took a strategic review of work, evaluating our decade-long efforts and determining where we add the most value. We discovered that creating large-scale, sustainable impact in India requires co-creating locally proven solutions with Government and partners in India which builds momentum across states, leading to a tipping point for change. This, in turn, presents the opportunity for significant national and global impact.

Manjula Singh
Executive Director, India
grants disbursed in 2022

An example of our 2022 Girl Capital impact

One of our most innovative partnerships in India is the Skill Impact Bond, the world’s largest impact bond focused on skilling and the first of its kind. As an innovative outcomes-based financing tool, the Skill Impact Bond shifts its focus from inputs like training and certification to outcomes like job placement and retention of India’s youth. The collaboration also aims at strengthening the capacity of India’s technical and vocational education ecosystem through knowledge exchange, evidence and data generation, and mainstreaming good practices.

CIFF is an outcome funder, collaborating closely with the Government of India through the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC). In 2022 the collaborative released its first set of very encouraging results for its first cohort: more than 2,100 girls and young women were placed in employment with a transition rate of 66% from enrolment to placement.

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An example of 2022 climate impact

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As part of CIFF's climate portfolio in India, our partners are assisting the Governments of Delhi and Maharashtra with the drafting and implementing the states’ electric vehicle (EV) policy. This has led to a significant increase in EV sales with our partners in the Indian City of Pune seeing a double-digit growth in electric vehicles (10% of all new vehicles being sold are EVs).

Pune won the ‘Cleaning the Air We Breathe’ award at the 2022 C40 Cities Awards in recognition of its exceptional leadership in tackling the challenge of air pollution, recognising its rapid electric bus deployment.

Read more about why C40 recognised Pune for its work on air pollution.

An example of our 2022 child health impact

In 2022, the Community Prevention of Acute Malnutrition (CPAM) programme, which provides Participatory Learning Action (PLA) meetings and Home Visits in order to prevent malnutrition in children, was agreed to be further scaled.

This initiative was initially implemented in six districts of Jharkhand and in 2022, the Government of Jharkhand committed to scale it to 15 districts, making an annual commitment of $5.38 million.

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Download CIFF's 2022 Annual Report here