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In 2022, the secondary impacts of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, including on energy security, and prices of fuel and food,  had a profound impact on Europe’s citizens, right across the continent. These impacts were felt unequally and re-affirmed the dangers and volatility of depending on a fossil fuel economy. Together with our partners in the region, we have worked this year to sustain political will for climate action and rapidly-scaling investment in renewable energy, helping to build and strengthen the foundations a more prosperous, safe and secure environment for all.

Theo Mitchell
Director, Climate - Europe and International
$196 million
grants disbursed in 2022
$116 million
$80 million
Cross Cutting

An example of our 2022 climate impact

Responding to Europe's energy crisis: the war in Ukraine focused attention on the need to rapidly reduce Europe’s reliance on expensive, volatile fossil fuels, with CIFF partners helping to identify the solutions and secure the policies to enable ambitious delivery.

Through technical assistance, strategic communications and policy support, ECF and its partners helped to create a policy and regulatory environment that is conducive to investment in renewables and energy efficiency, reducing costs and increasing security for households and businesses.

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